"Ben Jacob is a 5 star attorney you can trust with your life"
    I had made an innocent mistake and was being heavily prosecuted for it. My initial attorney was of no help in my case and I refused to give up. I read some reviews online and decided to give my business to Ben. He picked up the phone from day one talked to me like a human being, not a number, and patiently listened to my case. After all was said and done, although a lengthy process, attorney Jacob was able to get my case dismissed. My only regret in the entire ordeal was not finding him sooner. I will be forever grateful for attorney Ben Jacob and his hard work.
    - Wes
    "Look no further - Ben gets it done"
    Ben and his team were helpful, informative, and available. Ben was very responsive, explanatory throughout the process, and empathized with my situation for my case. He got the job done where my case was dismissed and charges erased. He has a proven method and the competence to accomplish the hardest goals for legal matters. My family and I are very grateful for his partnership and legal savvy. I strongly recommend Jacob Law Firm.
    - Former Client
    "Ben was successful in my case"
    I put my faith in Ben to handle my case and it was handled perfectly. This judgment actually changed my life very much for the better. I hope I don’t need him again, but if I do, I’ll call Ben.
    - Roger
    "An amazing lawyer who truly cares about his clients!"
    Words cannot express how grateful I am to have decided to hire Ben. Looking for a lawyer can be an intimidating thing. However, Ben made me feel at ease and comfortable talking with him. He really truly cares about his clients. Beyond being a great lawyer, He is also a great and kind person. After one phone call there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted him to be the one representing me and on my side!
    - Emily Doyle
    "Thank you"
    If you need a miracle, this is your guy. He has helped my family immensely. With a phone call, he was able to get my case dismissed. He is compassionate, honest, professional, and gets the job done. If I could give more than 5 stars I would give you 100. Look no further you found the help you need. Thank you Mr. Jacob for helping my family and I.
    - Jennifer
    "Professional Attorney"
    I was facing serious charges and was recommended to Ben to assist in my case. He was able to make the magic happen and reduce the charges.
    - Garret
    "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ~Wayne Gretzky"
    Ben Jacob is a top notch attorney. Ben is professional, honest, compassionate and very communicative. Unlike many attorneys, Ben is easy to reach by phone, email or text and if unavailable right away, responds to you quickly. He provides solid legal advice, helps to educate his clients in the judicial process and what to expect every step of the way. Ben is a straight shooter, works hard for his clients, is ethical and has great character and integrity. Ben helped us with a situation and being our first time dealing with the legal system made the whole experience as comforting and painless as possible. Thanks to Ben Jacob the case was dismissed. Ben Jacob is the best attorney in Placer County and you will be in excellent hands with his expertise.
    - Rebecca
    "Amazing Person"
    One of the most professional people I have worked with. Due to a set of unfortunate events and misunderstandings I needed Ben’s help. He picked up the phone on a Sunday while at his kids soccer game and guided me through everything my wife and I needed to do and the entire matter was dropped. He was pro-active in the process and presented me as a person to educate the DA of who I am while explaining the events and helped us throughout the process. Thanks to Ben life is back on track and we are eternally grateful.
    - Javier
    "amazing communicator"
    Mr. Ben Jacob communicated thoroughly throughout my entire case. His recommendations led to a dismissal of my case. His professionalism and communication skills kept my informed and without worry every step of the way. I was very lucky for him to take my case. Thanks again for everything!
    - Christian
    "Ben is worth every penny."
    Ben is great. He is definitely worth every penny. I would highly recommend him. He got my case dismissed before the first hearing. I couldn’t of asked for a better attorney.
    - Chad
    "Ben Jacob is an allstar!"
    Dealt with a pretty severe situation back in April of 2022 in which I thought my life might fall apart due to a very bad lapse in judgment. Ben was amazing, worked hard and eventually my case will be dismissed! Was the best outcome possible.
    - Kirk Caldwell
    "Ben Jacobs is the BEST Criminal Defense Lawyer ever!"
    Ben is an honest, professional attorney that represents you with a very high level of intelligence and knowledge. His staff and customer service are top notch. Thank you for getting my case dismissed without me having to show up to court. I highly recommend Ben Jacobs Law Firm , they are the BEST!
    - Bill
    "The best attorny you can have"
    I was facing a felony domestic Violence charge in placer county. It was during a relatively difficult time of my life and after some excessive drinking, arguments escalated between my partners and I. I ended up being arrested and booked for felony domestic violence. My whole wold shattered and felt like it was going to end. I hold a professional license in the medical field, and being the sole provider for my family, my widowed mother, and Had just purchased a home. I was clear that Being committed meant I was going to have my license revoked and I would lose everything I worked so hard for. I love my profession and am proud of the impact I make for my patients. It was a bad decision I made which I am terribly regretful for. I contacted several attorneys in the area. Ben stood out to me above all the attorneys I interacted with. He responded right away and was patient with me. Ben is an expertise in the area of law he practices. He is intelligent, dedicated, and spent more than several hours over the phone with me for my initial consultation While making sure I had an understanding about my case. He stayed in the phone until all of my many questions were answered. He is compassionate and supportive. He educated me on the judicial process of my case, set realistic expectations, and tailored a strategic plan specific to my case. He never once rushed nor pressured me in making a decision to hire him. His passion and appreciation for the law makes Ben an excellent resource and legal representative on your corner. Ben is full of knowledge and filled with pertinent insights to individual cases. His price was more than reasonable for the result and service I received. He answered all of my questions at random hours of the day. The best day came when My case was dismissed. Ben’s strategies work as the results can speak for themselves. I was given a second chance in life and this has completely changed me for the better. He also really cares for you as an individual instead of just another client. His plan and tactics are methodical and life-changing not just in court, but also in my personal life. Thank you Ben for your excellent service and knowledge. I highly recommend Ben as an attorny. He is professional, amazing, honest, intelligent, and ethical. Ben’s work ethic and knowledge is admirable and I have great respect and appreciation for This man.
    - Chen
    "A positive mindset brings positive things"
    Ben Jacobs is the best criminal defense lawyer out there. He always answers the phone no matter what, he knows the law inside and out, his office is right on the grounds of the district attorneys office, he provides a clear road map which leads to victory. I got to say I am really impressed and thankful for Jacobs law firm .
    - Ant
    "Ben is an honest, professional attorney."
    It was my first encounter with the legal system and I was scared. Ben made me feel comfortable from the start. He was honest on the potential outcome and he was always available when I had questions or just needed an update. He worked diligently with the DA and was able to get the charge dismissed. I'm truly thankful for his tireless efforts, his kindness and his professionalism. I highly recommend Ben.
    - Heather
    "Attorney Ben Jacob saved my life."
    Attorney Ben Jacob saved my life. During our initial discussions of my case, Attorney Ben Jacob spend almost two hours with me as I vented to him about t my case. He actively listened to me, sincerely encouraged me, and gave me sound legal advice prior to retaining him. The allegations against me of domestic violence caused me to face two charges. One of them was a felony the other a misdemeanor. Attorney Ben Jacob with the help of one of his sweet and caring paralegal Kris told my side of the story prior to the arraignment by carefully putting together a mitigation packet and skillfully discussing my side of the story with the District Attorney. As a result, both the felony and misdemeanor charges were dismissed and I did not have to step one foot into a criminal courtroom! I cannot thank Attorney Ben Jacob and his staff enough for being on my side from day one. His skills warrant whatever fee for his services.
    - Former Client
    "In practice for you not your wallet"
    Ben, as tag quote says, is in his law practice for the little guy/gal and not to bill hrs. I was falsely accused of an assault crime. He maid a few phone calls to the right people and really put my mind at ease. Did I mention he billed me zero dollars.
    - Michael
    "Excellent attorney"
    After interviewing several attorneys who set me in a panic and tried to use scare tactics to earn my business, I was so happy to find Ben and knew immediately he was the right fit. My son was wrongfully accused of something he did not do and Ben's calming demeanor, intelligence, professionalism and empathy are just a few of his many positive traits. He takes the Pro-active approach, going to work immediately and was able to get our case dismissed before any further actions were taken. I HIGHLY recommend Ben for any defense work you may need. His paralegal is amazing too.
    - Kay
    "Thank you Ben!"
    Ben helped get me out of a jam that should have never happened in the first place. I was facing serious charges that would change the way I live forever and Ben was able to get all charges dismissed. He was awesome!
    - Dave
    "Friendly and supportive while achieving the best results!"
    From my first meeting with Ben, he displayed genuine empathy and understanding of my situation. He was always accessible to answer my questions, prompt with responses, extremely knowledgeable of the law and the players at the Placer County courthouse, dedicated to his profession, and extremely ethical and fair. Ben was honest with me and told me what he felt he could accomplish for me with my case. He ended up exceeding my expectations and got my charges completely dismissed. It was obvious that the attorney on the other side with the DA’s office knew and respected Ben. The only way to get the best outcome in these matters is when prosecutor knows you are represented by a hard-working and successful professional like Ben. He put me at ease every step of the way as we navigated through the very stressful legal process. If you want the absolute best outcome for your case, I fully recommend that you hire Ben Jacobs.
    - Cara L.
    "Miracle Maker"
    I got busted for a felony domestic violence in May of 2019 and bailed out. I hired Ben but was reluctant because of my past experience with lawyers. When the court battle started it wasn’t looking good for me because of my past criminal history. I had little faith but Ben made a believer out of me playing the long game and eventually getting me a sweet deal. He got my felony reduced to a misdemeanor and jail time was reduced to an electronic monitoring device on my ankle which allowed me to keep my job. Going in to 2022 he’s still representing me by showing up at my reviews. I highly recommend Ben Jacob if you are in trouble and in need of a miracle. Trust the process.
    - Daniel C
    "So Grateful"
    From the moment I contacted Ben for help with a criminal arrest of my son, I was confident he was the attorney I wanted to handle this matter. Not only was he professional, but truly caring and super efficient working with the DA to get the charges dismissed. I highly recommend him-you won’t regret giving him a call.
    - Amy Gresko
    "The ideal lawyer"
    I can not thank Ben enough for his help with all the legal aspects of my case. He is affordable, knowledgeable, timely, and has good communication throughout the process. Thank you.
    - Sarah
    "Ben made the difference"
    Ben Jacob is by far, the best attorney I've ever met. His expertise kept my family together. He cares about the people he serves. He is ethical, knowledgeable, professional, respectful, and goes above and beyond. In my opinion, there is no other I would recommend after my family's experience with Ben. He's outstanding!
    - Susan
    "Efficient, effective, and professional."
    I initially hired Me Jacob for a fraud case that I was out on bail for in 2017. I caught 2 more cases and bailed out on them as well. Mr. Jacob fought for me for 4 years roughly and got my sentence reduced from 5 years four months at 80 percent to a 16 month with half and time served paper commitment in March of 2021. He was able to get 2 of my cases dropped and my motions passed. A hard feat to accomplish with my background and in Placer county court system. He didn't have much to work with and still made a miracle happen for me. It may have took some time 2017 to 2021 but he never gave up on me and provided service above and beyond my expectations. You should be so lucky to have him on your side in the courtroom and out.
    - Erik Asleson
    "Efficient, effective, and professional."
    I initially hired Me Jacob for a fraud case that I was out on bail for in 2017. I caught 2 more cases and bailed out on them as well. Mr. Jacob fought for me for 4 years roughly and got my sentence reduced from 5 years four months at 80 percent to a 16 month with half and time served paper commitment in March of 2021. He was able to get 2 of my cases dropped and my motions passed. A hard feat to accomplish with my background and in Placer county court system. He didn't have much to work with and still made a miracle happen for me. It may have took some time 2017 to 2021 but he never gave up on me and provided service above and beyond my expectations .You should be so lucky to have him on your side in the courtroom and out.
    - Erik Asleson
    "Best Overall Attorney"
    This man has integrity. He has an unbelievable presence in the courtroom, (And I now understand how crucial this is.) He stands for justice. He is fair. And, Ben is an attorney that will FIGHT for you. I would pay this man his weight in gold because that is what he is in the courtroom: golden.”
    - Shane
    "Honesty and Excellence"
    I called the Ben Jacob Law Firm for help and Ben returned my call as soon as he was out of court. He explained what the process would be and what he could do for me. After that conversation I hired Mr. Jacob. Ben Jacob besides being a good attorney is honest and straight with you about what is needed to win your case, and what you can do to help him win your case. Do yourself a favor call Ben Jacob. Steve
    - Steve
    "Highly reputable and exceptional legal assistance. Thank you."
    A sincere thank you to Ben for representing me in my case. Ben is cordial, very knowledgeable, and was respectful of my case. His experience and extensive legal background shows by how hard working and diligent he is. Should there be a need for future legal assistance, I would definitely seek out Ben's help again and I highly recommend him to all that are seeking professional, and exceptional legal help.
    - Chris
    "“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” – Franz Kafka"
    Ben, Thank you for your help. I couldn’t of gotten the help I needed without you. I appreciate your willingness to support and your kind words. These trying times had me feeling low your words of wisdom inspired me to get up and keep it moving. Thanks for getting my case dismissed.
    - Alicia Kafka
    "Thank You for going above and beyond!"
    Ben is honest, professional attorney that knows, and does his job well. Customer service was A+. Ben did really great job for me. I am totally happy with his job and with the end results. I am an out of state guy that was in totally absurd situation in Placer Couty CA, and Ben did great job and helped me get through those depressed times and helped me return back to normal life. He really understands people's life situations and tries his best to make his client's life happy. Ben, Thank you for going above and beyond!
    - Dylan
    ""Knowledgeable, compassionate and True to his word""
    I was researching for an attorney online and came across the JacobsLawFirm. After reading the outstanding reviews, I decided that I would give them a call. I was surprised that Mr Jacobs answered his phone at 11PM on a Friday night. He was very helpful and took the time to explain the legal process that we were going through. Many times, he comforted my wife and I while going through a very traumatic event. Throughout all our communications, Ben was very responsive, professional and I would definitely recommend JacobLawFirm to my family and friends if ever needed. Thank you Ben!
    - Robert
    "Excellent Customer Service"
    Mr. Jacob was very responsive. I put a call out to 6 attorneys, and I got two back. Mr. Jacob within a business day, the other 3 days later, and no response from the others. He was able to handle the case without us flying back to resolve the issue. Thank you
    - Robert Bemiss
    "Thank you Ben"
    Ben did a professional and fantastic job on my case. He's always available to answer any questions and works hard to get you a resolution you are happy with. If you're in need of some legal help look no further. Give him a call I'm glad I did.
    - JD
    "So Relieved!"
    I found Mr. Jacob through the AVVO website. After calling and emailing many lawyers, Mr. Jacob was frank and honest with me as he explained to me how unfortunate my legal situation was and what we could do together to quickly handle the case before it was out of our hands. I appreciated his honesty and his desire to act quickly while maintaining communication throughout the process. He was honestly the only lawyer that I felt I could trust, even through the phone, and that was something that made me stick with him. It was my first time experiencing the legal system with a domestic violence charge and while I was adamant I was the victim, the authorities felt otherwise. As you can imagine the stress was unfathomable. But three days later, Mr. Jacob granted me the news that my case had been dismissed and the biggest weight of my life had been lifted. As someone who is experiencing the world of court and lawyers for the first time, a young female in her twenties, who was leaving an abusive long term relationship, I was scared and unsure from the beginning of who to even chose as my defense. I felt as though the wrong choice could lead me to certain doom... luckily, it was the right one. I can't thank him enough for making a tough time a little bit easier and I would never wish you would need his intelligence and experience to help you or a loved one, but I can say without a doubt I would recommend him.
    - Sonia
    "Mr. Jacob is an awesome Attorney :)"
    Ben, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart :) Thanks for your tireless efforts during our long legal journey. We are truly blessed to be represented by the Jacob Law Firm. The attention to detail, networking, preparation, and overall delivery was outstanding!!! We have a peace of mind because of the dedication, passion, and professionalism you exhibited. Best wishes to you and the family. Thank you again for a job well done :) Take care. George Jr. & Family
    - George Jr
    "Confident and knowledgeable"
    Mr. Jacob helped my son with a situation, he was able to get his misdemeanor dismissed completely. He made us feel at ease with everything. Very prompt with returning calls and keeping us up-to-date. We recommend Ben Jacob law firm to anyone Who is in need of good legal counsel .
    - Paula
    "A true Icon of Justice"
    First, let me start by saying that Mr. Ben Jacob deserves to be recognized for his hard work and representation. There are really no words to express my gratitude and thanks for the outstanding effort in obtaining the exceptional outcome on my case. Mr. Jacob went above and beyond what any other Attorney has ever done for me. When I was remanded into the sheriff's custody the feelings of hopelessness and despair were overwhelming. The D.A. and the Judge made it clear that there were no chances left for me, and with a lifelong stigma of negative trailing behind me, I truly believed I was destined to stay in jail. Mr. Jacob kept my life from making a permanent turn in the wrong direction. Because Mr. Jacob truly cares about his clients and their well being I was released from custody. Ben Jacob not only believed in me he went to bat against the whole courtroom on my behalf. Mr. Jacob defends his clients with conviction and vigor, not backing down, and unwavering in his defense. Despite a troubled past and a bad reputation, Mr. Jacob treated me with dignity and respect. I'm able to be the mommy my two-year-old needs because Mr. Jacob believed in me when everyone else wanted me in custody. Mr. Jacob is a true artist in his profession. Thank You seems ridiculous in comparison to the true effect of Mr. Jacob’s impact in my life.
    - Melinda Wills
    "Ben Jacob is a true professional and master of his craft"
    Ben Jacob is a true professional and master of his craft. His work ethic, knowledge of the law, and dedication to his clients is amazing. He is responsive, easy to talk with, compassionate, and will fight to get the best possible outcome. I researched several law firms and interviewed one other attorney before deciding to go with Jacob Law Firm. Mr. Jacob reviewed all the facts of my case, developed a strategy, and used his negotiation skills to get my case dismissed before it even went to court. He truly exceeded all of my expectations and I strongly recommend him; you will not be disappointed.
    - Ignacio
    "Helped me get my life on track."
    I was in search of a lawyer to help me clear up some past issues, and to help me get all my legal stuff in order. When I called the office I was able to speak directly to him and tell him my story. We met a couple days later and I hired him on the spot. Very personable and down to earth, he was able to give me his opinions and the scope of what I would be looking at to get my issues resolved. On the days of court he met me at the courthouse and was able to defend me quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend him to others in search of a good lawyer that will get things done.
    - Chris
    "Attorney with Integrity"
    Ben Jacob is hands down an attorney you can trust. We knew right away that we could trust him with our son's case. He was kind, honest and respectable. We are so grateful for the effort and time he put into our son's case. I would highly recommend him if you want the best possible results and attorney with integrity. Thank you, Ben!
    - Darlene
    "Highly recommend Ben Jacob! Not only is he professional, dependable and considerate but he is also human and understands that we make mistakes. He will do everything to get the best posible outcome for his clients."
    Attorney Ben Jacob is very professional. I called him with questions before I even retained him and he was very clear and courteous in answering all of them. I explained my situation to him and he guided me step by step as to how go about my case. I am very glad I found someone I can trust. Ben made the process easier by explaining what I needed to do and what was going to happen. He made me feel comfortable in knowing I will be okay. I've never been in a bad situation before and so I was scared and anxious but attorney Jacob reassured me he was going to work with me and the DA to make sure my case is resolved. Thanks Ben for all the hard work and dedication to making sure every client is represented and protected.
    - Irene
    "Great job!"
    I would highly recommend Mr. Jacobs without a doubt with confidence took control of a very serious case. Thank you
    - Angela zierden
    "He is the one, do Not look any further!!!"
    Ben Jacob represented my son for 2 felonies and an enhancement charge, and I have NEVER seen or had anyone be more professional and the work ethic as I did in Ben, and believe me I went through a lot of consultations with attorneys that said they could help, and NOT one of them could have ever did a Better representation than Ben Jacob did and if I could ever recommend an attorney to anyone , there would Not be any other person for the job but Ben Jacob. I cannot thank you enough for All that you did for us !
    - Mary
    "Ben did an excellent job. I highly recommend him for any case."
    Ben did an excellent job. I highly recommend him for any case.
    - Elena
    "I could highly recommend him to anybody who needs responsible trustworthy counsel."
    I could highly recommend him to anybody who needs responsible trustworthy counsel.
    - Derek
    "Respectful, and understanding. Kept me up to date on all of the steps in my case."
    Respectful, and understanding. Kept me up to date on all of the steps in my case.
    - Former Client
    "Mr. Jacob was able to prove that I was innocent and the felony charges were dismissed."
    Mr. Jacob was able to prove that I was innocent and the felony charges were dismissed.
    - Frank
    "He got the felony dismissed and I served no time in custody"
    He got the felony dismissed and I served no time in custody
    - Kady
    "Mr. Jacob proved the breathalyzer was wrong and my charge was reduced"
    Mr. Jacob proved the breathalyzer was wrong and my charge was reduced
    - Simon
    "Mr. Jacob proved the pills belonged to someone else and the case was dismissed."
    Mr. Jacob proved the pills belonged to someone else and the case was dismissed.
    - Benji
    "Mr. Jacob took the case to trial and won me my freedom. I was found not guilty of all charges and all underlying charges."
    Mr. Jacob took the case to trial and won me my freedom. I was found not guilty of all charges and all underlying charges.
    - Angel