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The Law Is Immune to COVID-19

The world is in a crisis, and our governmental institutions are handling the matter with little to no consistency with one another. Unfortunately, the court system is not immune to the side effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Counties Handling Court Processes Differently

From county to county in California, calendars are being handled differently. As of the date of this blog, Sacramento County has shut down all operations until April 1, 2020, while neighboring Placer County is continuing to hear all in-custody felony and in-custody misdemeanor matters.

Although differences exist between counties concerning calling pretrial hearings and preliminary hearings, there is consistency in that jury trials have generally been delayed due to difficulties impaneling a jury. This is partially, but not solely, due to the fact that the courts recognize that having 12 members of the community sit in a jury box is clearly contrary to the opinion of almost every COVID-19 expert. As a result, defendants' rights to speedy trials have been somewhat curtailed. Any individual charged with a crime, or who could possibly be charged with a crime, must expect that their right to a speedy trial is far more limited than it was just weeks ago.

Governments Will Still Prosecute Criminal Offenses

Although the court system is not immune to COVID-19, the law is. That means no one should expect counties, the State, or the Federal government to cease prosecuting criminal matters to the full extent of the law. To do so would be irresponsible and foolhardy. It is especially crucial to remember this while living under state orders to remain at home.

Defuse High-Stress Situations to Avoid Run-Ins with the Law

So long as individuals remain with one another in an enclosed environment, conflict will arise. Whether it be married couples, cohabiting relations, parent/child relations, or even simple roommates, the law does not discriminate as to who may be charged with a domestic assault.

Should you find yourself in a situation where conflict is arising or has risen, keep these tips in mind to defuse the situation:

  • Count to 10
  • Step outside
  • Take the high road and apologize

It might be difficult to remember the above actions when in the throes of conflict. However, it should be far easier to recall that exacerbating the situation could cause your roommate or partner to panic and call the authorities. This will undoubtedly result in your arrest.

Much of the general public is unaware that there is a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence in our state. Should a phone call be made to authorities indicating a possible domestic dispute, it is highly likely that someone will be arrested before the authorities leave your residence.

A domestic violence charge could lead to various consequences, including:

  • A criminal conviction
  • Jail time
  • Cost of domestic abuser classes
  • Attorney fees

To save yourself from these or other sanctions, do all you can during this difficult time to get along with those in your residence and identify and defuse conflict before it boils over.

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