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Criminal Defense Cases in Auburn, CA

Being charged with a criminal offense can carry some serious consequences. It is important that you contact a trusted attorney as soon as you are charged. The outcome of a case often depends on how early in the processes an attorney is contacted. The Jacob Law Firm is ready and always available to our clients.

Types of Criminal Defense Charges

There are two categories of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies. Each carries a separate punishment ranging from fines or community service to jail or prison time. Felonies can include offenses like homicide, attempted homicide, assault, and theft or damage involving high dollar amounts.
Misdemeanor crimes carry a lesser punishment and can include offenses like simple drug charges, low-value robbery, and some weapons charges. Misdemeanor crimes often carry fines, but they can still mean incarceration.

What to Expect in a Criminal Defense Case

Once you've been charged with a crime and hired an attorney, the first thing you can expect is an arraignment. This will be your first appearance in front of a judge, and you will be formally advised of the charges against you. Your plea will be entered at this time, and the judge can decide to release you pending trial or remand you to jail. After the arraignment, you will be required to attend a preliminary hearing. This is where the prosecution will attempt to convince the judge a crime has taken place. Following a preliminary hearing, either a settlement or a full trial should be expected. 

Jacob Law Firm can help you through all of these steps. You will need the help of a good criminal lawyer, one with years of experience who is familiar with not only the law but also with courtroom policies and procedures. 

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